2006 Gottsch Reunion Photos 4

Sunday August 6th. Attendees

Marvin and Norma Hiese (left)
Reunion attendees (right)

Rita Jipp Taylor, Dois Jipp Smith (left)
Russell Wilt (right)

Russell Wilt and Bill Gottsch Scanning Documents (left)
Russell Wilt, Doris Jipp Smith, Jackie Bishop, Shirley Jipp (right)

Russell Wilt, Kori Abdouch, Bill Gottsch, Bob and Jackie Bishop (left)
Ruth Kier, Marvin and Norma Hiese (right)

Shirley Jipp (left)
Suzanne and Bill Gottsch (right)

Suzanne and Bill Gottsch (left)
Suzanne, Bill Gottsch, Jackie Bishop (right)

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