First Generation

I have decided for this recorded history of the family, I will use the birth names as they were entered into the parish records. As you read each generation the spelling of the birth name may change, even within the same family group. Some of the most common variations of spelling are: Gotsch, Götsch, Göttsche, Gottsch, Goettsch, and Göttsch.

Note: The "+" sign in front of a number indicates a marriage with children and the family continues in the next generation.

1. Peter1 Gotsch was born in 1683 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein. Peter died April 23, 1755 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein at 71 years of age.

Peter married Gretje Lage on October 16, 1705 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein.

Note: Because the church book entry is ambiguous, and lacked definitive proof we have listed Gretje Lage as Peter's wife based on the following.
1) There was only one marriage for a Peter Gotsch between 1703 and 1707 when the church started keeping records, and the year of Peter's first child's birth, that marriage was to Gretje Lage.
2) The traditional naming pattern of their children used at the time.

Peter Gotsch and Gretje Lage had the following children:

    + 2 i. Peter2 Gotsch, was born on July 10, 1707 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein. Peter died January 28, 1751 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein.

    + 3 ii. Clas Gotsche (Twin), was born on January 7, 1713 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein.

    4 iii. Margrete Gotsche (Twin), was born on January 7, 1713 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein. Margrete married twice. She married Timm Rath on November 18, 1740 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein. He was born December 4, 1703 in Barsbek, Duchy Holstein. Timm died April 17, 1743 in Barsbek, Duchy Holstein at 39 years of age. She then married Hinrich Finck on June 2, 1747 in Schönberg, Duchy Holstein.