Second Generation

2. Detlef Friedrich1 Jansen (Jochim1) was born October 15, 1800 in Duchy Holstein. Detlef died March 12, 1875 in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska at 74 years of age. His body was interred March 1875 in the Fort Calhoun Cemetery, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

Wilhelmine Stoelck Jansen
Wilhelmine Stoelck Jansen

Detlef Friedrich married Wilhelmine Dorothea Stoelck ca. 1831 in Duchy Holstein. Wilhelmine was born July 25, 1811 in Duchy Holstein. Wilhelmine died November 7, 1899 in Nebraska at 88 years of age. Her body was interred November 1899 in the Fort Calhoun Cemetery, Fort Calhoun, Nebraska.

Detlef Friedrich Jansen and Wilhelmine Dorothea Stoelck had the following children:

    Wilhelmina Jansen StenderProfessor Stender
    Wilhelmina Jansen & Professor Stender

    3 i. Wilhelmina (Lottie)2 Jansen was born in Duchy Holstein. Wilhelmina died April 1896 in Germany. She married Professor Stender in Duchy Holstein.

    Note: Professor Stender took part in an expedition from Vienna to Siberia were the ice cap had receded as an anthropologist looking for an ancient tribe. They found instead, a mammoth cow and calf frozen among ferns estimated to be 50 million years old. They reportedly ate some of the meat and wrote home that it was delicious. A set of ivory spoons was made from the mammoth's tusks.

    + 4 ii. Christian Friedrich (Charles) Jansen, was born September 28, 1833.

    Margareta Jansen Kock
    Margareta Jansen Kock

    5 iii. Margareta Jansen, was born January 16, 1837 in Duchy Holstein. Margareta died September 9, 1900 in Bennington, Nebraska at 63 years of age. Her body was interred September 1900 in Bennington, Nebraska German Cemetery. She married Unknown Kock ca. 1857 in Duchy Holstein. Unknown Kock died before 1896 in Germany.

    Margareta Jansen immigrated to America in 1896, after her sister Catherina and niece, Amanda Gottsch visited her. Margareta's husband and sister Wilhelmina had passed away, and there was no family left there. Margareta settled in Bennington and opened millinery shop, she never remarried.

    Anna Jansen Eckermann
    Anna Jansen Eckermann

    6 iv. Anna Jansen, was born March 7, 1842 in Duchy Holstein. Anna died July 8, 1920 in Bennington, Nebraska at 77 years of age. Her body was interred July 192o in Omaha, Nebraska Evergreen Cemetery. She married Adolph Eckermann on November 18, 1879 in Blair, Nebraska. Adolph was born August 5 1821 in Baton, Duchy of Ollenburg. Adolph was the son of Nicholas Eckermann and Anna Herdes. Adolph died December 25, 1906 in Omaha, Nebraska at 72 years of age. His body was interred December 1906 in Omaha, Nebraska Evergreen Cemetery.

    Note:Adolph and Anna farmed in Omaha, Nebraska. The farm was purchased by the city of Omaha and is now the Evergreen Cemetery, where Adolph and Anna are interred.

    + 7 v. Catherina Carolina Jansen , was born December 27, 1844.

    + 8 vi. Wilhelm Friedrich Jansen, was born 1847.

    + 9 vii. Peter Friedrich Jansen, was born April 19,1849.