Fifth Generation

20. Claus5 Jipp (Carl Paul Hinrich4, Claus Joachim3 Jep, Detlef2, Hinrich1 Jipp) was born March 10, 1810 in Satjendorf, Duchy Holstein. Claus died May 17, 1849 in Satjendorf, Duchy Holstein at 39 years of age.

He married Dorothea Charlotte Christiana Milhagen in Satjendorf, Duchy Holstein on December 16, 1837. Dorothea Charlotte Christiana was born May 3, 1818 in Hohenfelde, Duchy Holstein. Dorothea Charlotte Christiana was the daughter of Johann Friederich Milhagen and Anna Margarthe Catharina Behnke. She married Jochim Hinrich Schroder in Satjendorf, Duchy Holstein on July 13, 1851. Charlotte died after February 1, 1860 in Satjendorf, Duchy Holstein at approximately 41 years of age.

Claus Jipp and Charlotte Milhagen had the following children:

    42 i. Margarthe6 Jipp, was born March 16, 1839 in Satjendorf, Duchy Holstein.

    43 ii. Anna Jipp, was born September 30, 1841 in Satjendorf, Duchy Holstein.

    + 44 iii. Hans Carl Frederick Jipp, was born May 28, 1844.