First Generation

Special thanks goes to Howard G. Maahs who researched the Melvin family ancestors and obtained much data on the first three generations. Howard found that the Melvin name has many varients: It has been recorded also as Milby and eventually evolved into Melvin depending on how the name sounded to the particular registrar and how he thought it should be spelled.

Surname Variants

Melby, Milbay, Milby, Milville, Milven, Milboy, and Melvin.

Professional genealogists specializing in Northern Ireland were contracted by Howard Maahs to assess the probability of finding more detailed information regarding the Milby family particularly the specific city or region within County Down where it is believed they lived. Due to the poor state of Irish records, the absence of indices and knowing the specific village, city or parish, the assessment was not encouraging.

1. William (Milby)1 Melvin, Sr. was born in Ireland about 1805. William died before 1858 in Ireland.

William married Jane Jackson in Ireland, about 1833. Jane was born in Ireland about 1805. Jane died between 1858 and 1885 in Ireland.

William (Milby) Melvin Sr. and Jane Jackson had the following children:

    + 2 i. William (Milby)2 Melvin, Jr., was born about 1835.

    + 3 ii. Hugh (Milby) Melvin, was born about 1838.

    + 4 iii. John (Milby) Melvin, was born about 1839.

Note: There may have possibly been a James Melvin born to this family around 1844. He married Elizabeth who was born about 1844 in West Kilbride, Scotland and they had at least nine children before 1891. James is related but how is uncertain and most likely more children were born to William and Jane.

There is no evidence that William and Jane ever immigrated to Scotland. William was reported in different documents to have been an agricultural laborer, a carter, or a private coachman.