Second Generation

5. Christian2 Timberman (Hans1) was born 1719 in Prussia.


The family originally came from Germany in 1733, Christian was 14 years of age at the time, and settled in New Jersey. One member of the family, son Jacob, was with General George Washington when he crossed the Delaware, and passed the fearful winter at Valley Forge. The family arrived in Iowa around 1860, settling in Harrison County. In 1863 they moved to Council Bluffs, and in 1868 moved to Valley township which was then Center township.

Some family stories are not based on documented facts. There is no record of Jacob being with Washington at Valley Forge.

Children of Christian Timberman are:

    + 6 i. William3 Timberman, born in Gloucester Co., New Jersey; died in Pittsgrove Township, New Jersey.

    + 7 ii. Jacob Timberman, born 1756 in Gloucester County, New Jersey; died February 28, 1831 in Franklin Township, Gloucester Co., New Jersey.