Sixth Generation

81. Oliver Perry6 Timberman (Isaiah Prophet5, Christian4, Jacob3, Christian2, Hans1) was born September 28, 1855 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died October 11, 1921 in Oakland, Iowa. He married Ida Mariah Pollock February 25, 1886 in Oakland, Iowa, daughter of James Pollock and Priscilla Rankin. She was born April 23, 1868 in Henderson, Co., Illinois, and died January 21, 1941 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Children of Oliver Timberman and Ida Pollock are:

    90 i. Ethel P.7 Timberman, born 1887 in Oakland, Iowa; died 1959. She married Chris Johnson.

    + 91 ii. Oren Elsworth Timberman, born August 5, 1891 in Oakland, Iowa; died May 5, 1970 in Oakland, Iowa.

    + 92 iii. Earl Cecil Timberman, born October 17, 1893 in Oakland, Iowa; died November 29, 1966 in Carson, Iowa.

    93 iv. Vera Timberman, born August 1, 1900 in Oakland, Iowa; died 1961. She married Pete Bownes.

82. Sarah Jane6 Timberman (Isaiah Prophet5, Christian4, Jacob3, Christian2, Hans1) was born April 15, 1858 in Leroy, Coffey , Kansas, and died May 14, 1932 in Oakland, Iowa. She married William Edward Maxwell September 5, 1875 in Council Bluff, Iowa, son of John Maxwell and Catherine Clover. He was born December 16, 1854 in Jefferson County, Iowa, and died October 16, 1921 in Oakland, Iowa.


W. E. Maxwell was born in Jefferson County, Iowa, December 16, 1854. His father, John Maxwell, was born in Indiana and his mother, nee Catherine Clover, in Pennsylvania. They were married in Jefferson County, Iowa. Grandfather Benjamin Maxwell was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. When the subject of this sketch was about ten years of age, his parents moved to Lucas County, Iowa, and located northeast of Chariton, where they lived for some time. They are now residents of Chariton.

The father has been engaged in farming all his life. They have reared a family of six sons: Albert, who resides in Washington; W. E., the subject of this sketch; I.M., in Sumner county, Nebraska; T. H. and E. J. (twins), the former a resident of Creston, Iowa and the latter of Chariton, Iowa; and C.G., also at Creston, engaged in the mercantile business with his brother, T.H. W.E. passed his youth at farm work and received his education in the public schools of Lucas County.

He was married at Council Bluffs, Iowa, September 5, 1878, to Miss S.J. Timberman, a native of Pottawattamie County. She received her education in her native county and also in Harrison County, Iowa. Mr. And Mrs. Maxwell have three children: Amy Pearl, Gaylen Cloyd, and Ivy Emma. Mr. Maxwell came to Pottawattamie County in March 1876. For three years he rented land. In 1879 he purchased 80 acres of wild land, which he improved and sold in 1888. Then he bought his present farm of John Colwell. This land was first improved by Morford & Burggess. It comprises 80 acres and is under a good state of cultivation. A good frame house has been erected, which is situated on a natural building site, surrounded by a grove and orchard of an acre and a half. Everything about the house and farm shows the enterprise and prosperity of the owner. Politically, Mr. Maxwell is a Republican. He is a worthy member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a man yet in the prime of life, is frank and cordial in his manner, and is regarded as one of the representative citizens of Center Township.

Obituary of William Maxwell died - Oakland, IA 16 Oct. 1921 of Angina son of John C. Maxwell.
(The following article is from the Fairfield Ledger in Iowa or possibly Chariton, Iowa Newspaper.)


Made Early Home Near Spring Creek Church - Made Home in Town For Several Years

Following an illness of slightly over a month's duration W. E. Maxwell passed away Sunday morning. His serious illness came as a surprise to his many friends as Mr. Maxwell had the appearance of rugged health, especially after his return from a winter in Florida. His illness was serious from the first and the wearied body gave up the struggle early Sunday morning.

The following obituary was prepared by his pastor, Rev. Edmondson:
William E. Maxwell was born at Fairfield, Iowa, December 16, 1854. While just a boy he moved with his parents to Charlton, Iowa, where he grew to young manhood. He came to Oakland in 1876 and was married to Sarah Timberman, September 5, 1878. Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell, one son, Coyd Maxwell of Oakland, and three daughters, Mrs. Russell Nash, Mrs. Carl Hannah and Mrs. Bert Bruen, all of Oakland. Mr. Maxwell was stricken with heart failure, September the tenth, and was in a dangerous condition from the very first attack. He was confined to his home from the time of the very first attack and the most of the time he was confined to his bed. He made a courageous fight to regain health and strength from the very first. He never gave up hope until Friday, noon, before his death early Sunday morning. He told his son he would have to give it up.

He failed rapidly from that time on until his death at three o'clock and ten minutes Sunday morning. Brother Maxwell might be recognized as among the pioneers of this country. He helped in the development of this splendid agricultural section. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell spent their early married life in a farm near the Spring Creek church. Later he purchased the farm now owned by Lavern Ballinger, and made this the family home until the time of his retirement from the farm in 1914, when he built the residence near the high school, where the remaining the Christ upon his life in his young manhood. He was converted and united with the Spring Creek Methodist Episcopal church in 1884.

In 1901 he transferred his membership to the Oakland Methodist Episcopal church, of which he was a member at the time of his death. Mr. Maxwell was a quiet man in his religious profession, but his life of uprightness and integrity, as well as love for the church and his Christ were the best evidence of his relationship to his God. On Friday afternoon when he told his son that he would have to give up the effort to regain health, he said, quietly but with deep sincerity to the loved ones gathered about him, "God bless you all." This prayer for his dear ones were among the last words spoke on earth. The loss of this splendid citizen is sustained by the wife and companion, the son and daughters named above, ten grandchildren, four brothers, Albert A. Maxwell, of Los Angeles, California, Monroe Maxwell, of Kansas City, Missouri; H. Maxwell of Charlton, Iowa and one sister, Mrs. Joe H. Curtis, of Charlton, Iowa, the many more distant relatives and large number of friends. He died October 16, 1921, aged 66 years and 10 months. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church, Tuesday afternoon by Rev. Chas. M. Edmondson, after which interment was Oaklawn Cemetery, Oakland, Iowa.

Children of Sarah Timberman and William Maxwell are:

    94 i. Sarah7 Maxwell.

    + 95 ii. Amy Pearl Maxwell, born March 3, 1880 in Oakland, Iowa; died February 13, 1945 in Leavenworth, Kansas.

    + 96 iii. Gayland Cloyd Maxwell, born October 13, 1881 in Oakland, Iowa; died March 5, 1934 in Oakland, Iowa.

    + 97 iv. Iva Emma Maxwell, born July 3, 1887 in Oakland, Iowa; died July 6, 1957 in Oakland, Iowa.

    + 98 v. Inez Elizabeth Maxwell, born March 4, 1893 in Oakland, Iowa; died April 16, 1968 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

83. Mary Ann6 Timberman (Isaiah Prophet5, Christian4, Jacob3, Christian2, Hans1) was born February 5, 1860 in Leroy, Coffey Co., Kansas, and died in California. She married (1) Azro Boyd 1877 in Iowa. She married (2) Albert Asbury Maxwell May 15, 1882 in Oakland, Iowa, son of John Maxwell and Catherine Clover. He was born September 19, 1852 in Jefferson County, Iowa, and died in California.

Child of Mary Timberman and Azro Boyd is:

    99 i. Clarence O.7 Boyd, born July 27, 1877 in Iowa. He married Fern Boyd.

Children of Mary Timberman and Albert Maxwell are:

    100 i. Allen Kidd7 Maxwell, born December 16, 1888 in Kansas City, Missouri; died in California. He married Frieda Maxwell.

    101 ii. Clifford Maxwell, born June 2, 1891 in Seattle, Washington.

    + 102 iii. Grace Maxwell, born March 10, 1893 in Chicago, Illinois; died in Long Beach, California.

    103 iv. William Dewey Maxwell, born June 11, 1900 in Oakland, Iowa; died April 7, 1986 in Union City, Iowa. He married (1) Alana Maxwell. He married (2) Catherine Elizabeth Maxwell; born November 16, 1896 in Union City, California; died December 24, 1987 in Union City, California.

84. Athalinda Alpha6 Timberman (Isaiah Prophet5, Christian4, Jacob3, Christian2, Hans1) was born May 10, 1861 in Harrison, Iowa, and died 1947 in Council, Bluffs, Iowa. She married Ira Monroe Maxwell March 19, 1884 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, son of John Maxwell and Catherine Clover. He was born July 14, 1857 in Jefferson County, Iowa, and died November 7, 1943 in Independence, Missouri.

Children of Athalinda Timberman and Ira Maxwell are:

    + 104 i. Goldie May7 Maxwell, born January 19, 1888 in Oakland, Iowa; died February 24, 1984 in Warrensburg, Missouri.

    105 ii. Silvia J. Maxwell, born July 13, 1890; died 1895 in Iowa.

    + 106 iii. Hazel Lena Maxwell, born September 2, 1893 in Iowa; died January 5, 1985 in Warrensburg, Missouri.

    107 iv. Catherine Elizabeth Maxwell, born November 16, 1896 in Union City, California; died December 24, 1987 in Union City, California. She married William Dewey Maxwell; born June 11, 1900 in Oakland, Iowa; died April 7, 1986 in Union City, Iowa.

86. John William6 Timberman (Isaiah Prophet5, Christian4, Jacob3, Christian2, Hans1) was born December 17, 1864 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and died November 30, 1945 in Los Angeles, California. He married (1) Ella Haines. He married (2) Mallie Morrow 1888. She died 1889.

Children of John Timberman and Ella Haines are:

    108 i. Eva7 Timberman.

    109 ii. Harry Timberman.

    110 iii. Ivan Edward Timberman, born February 2, 1897 in Iowa; died December 4, 1979 in Orange Co., California.

    111 iv. Paul Eugene Timberman, born July 5, 1915 in Iowa; died November 15, 1978 in Los Angeles, California.

87. Charles Harve6 Timberman (Isaiah Prophet5, Christian4, Jacob3, Christian2, Hans1) was born December 20, 1866 in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and died March 13, 1959 in Everett, Washington. He married Emma Fredricka Deorathea Behlers February 15, 1893 in Wisner, Nebraska. She was born July 4, 1867 in Chicago, Illinois, and died June 2, 1923 in Huron, South Dakota.


My grandfather, Charles Harve and his brother, Uncle Ed were the only ones I remember. They both lived with us for a long time. Uncle Ed was not very well liked by my mother. Grandpa, on the other hand, was a wonderful grandpa and loved by all in the family. He did go to Oregon and lived with us for many years. How he ever put up with all nine of us kids, I will never understand. He used to play his violin when I practiced on the piano and tried to help me learn the violin but I got interested in other things and quit playing. He used to share time between us and Aunt Lima but as he got older he went to Washington and lived with Aunt Janita. They had only one child.

Doris Van Bellinghen

Children of Charles Timberman and Emma Behlers are:

    112 i. Leonora Elizabeth7 Timberman, born December 18, 1893 in Wisner, Nebraska; died September 7, 1934 in Huron, South Dakota.

    + 113 ii. Lima Orillya Timberman, born March 31, 1895 in Wisner, Nebraska; died June 17, 1994 in Oregon City, Oregon.

    114 iii. Galen Emerson Timberman, born June 29, 1896 in Wisner, Nebraska; died June 1, 1980 in Milwaukie, Oregon. He married Sarah Davies October 18, 1918; born 1900 in Wisner, Nebraska.

    115 iv. Lois Ilene Timberman, born June 5, 1899 in Wausa, Nebraska; died February 1, 1989 in Huron, South Dakota.

    116 v. Gavin Oberton Timberman, born March 12, 1901 in Wausa, Nebraska; died June 26, 1902 in Wausa, Nebraska.

    117 vi. Gwynn Iverson Timberman, born February 17, 1904 in Wausa, Nebraska; died July 1974 in Everett, Washington.

    118 vii. Janita Odelia Timberman, born January 31, 1907 in Wausa, Nebraska; died December 4, 1992 in Coeur D'alene, Idaho.

    119 viii. Alda Crystal Timberman, born January 12, 1910 in Huron, South Dakota; died 2002 in Arizona.

88. James Albert6 Timberman (Isaiah Prophet5, Christian4, Jacob3, Christian2, Hans1) was born September 5, 1868 in Oakland, Iowa, and died June 27, 1925 in Massina Cass Co., Iowa. He married Emma Jane Lindsey 1898 in Iowa. She was born 1868, and died 1926 in Massina, Cass Co., Iowa.

Children of James Timberman and Emma Lindsey are:

    120 i. Ted7 Timberman.

    121 ii. Alice Timberman.

    122 iii. Patricia Timberman.