First Generation

1. Abraham1 Fackler

Fackler's Come to America

Most of us in this country named Fackler/Fockler are likely descended from several closely related German Fackler families originating in what is known as the Rhein-Pfalz (Palatine area), in and around the Losgau-Metterzimmer, Fahrenbach-Mosbach Werttemberg areas of southwestern Germany. Fackler/Focklers have been a part of this country's history since before the American Revolution.

Fackler is the German spelling of the surname. In German the 'a' is pronounced as 'a' in father. Fackler is considered to be the English spelling. Records show the first two generations in the new world used both the Fackler spelling. It appears that in the third generation, Wendel Fockler, converted to and passed on the English spelling. Both spellings are in use today.

The word fackel, meaning a torch or a bundle of twigs used as a torch, is of German origin. By adding the two letters e and r the name Fackler appears, meaning torch maker or light bearer. There is one version of a reputedly authentic family crest dating to the 12th century which shows two crossed torches on a shield.

Johann Jacob Fackler is also referred to as Hans Jacob Fackle and was born in the 1690's in southern Germany. According to the website of Forrest Louis Fackler, Johann Jacob Fackler arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 8 October 1737 on the ship Charming Nancy. Charles Stedman was the Commander from Rotterdam and Plymouth. There were 105 men, 25 boys under 16 and 107 women and girls for a total of 237 passengers.

Hans Jacob's wife, Maria Magdalena Beltzhuber, whom he married in the Wurttemburg-Neckarkreiss-Metterzimmern area of southern Germany, along with their son Hans Adam and daughter Barbara accompanied him though they had at least seven children who died earlier in their marriage.

Hans Jacob Fackler was a pioneer in the establishment of York Town, Pennsylvania on a land grant from the Proprietor, Thomas Penn, William Penn's son. He built one of the first houses there. He owned a tavern and was an inn keeper most of his life.

Ken Fockler, a descendant of Johann Jacob Fackler, went to Germany in 2006 and took pictures of the area churches as he walked the streets of his ancestors. He had engaged a professional genealogist to follow up and check the records of the Lutheran church where Jacob and Magdalena were married and where the births and deaths of their children were recorded before they left for America in 1737.

Ken also tried to find records that might be able to show a relationship of his Fackler family to Johann Wendel Fackler but there doesn't seem to be any connection at this time. The families could have been connected at some earlier time, but most church records before 1628 were destroyed by the Vikings and the vandals during the Dark Ages of middle Europe.

Johann Christoph Fackler arrived in America at the Port of Philadelphia on October 7, 1749 on the ship Leslie from Rotterdam. According to Robert Battle and Stephen Thomas his name on the ship's list of names of passengers swearing the Oath of Allegiance is spelled Johan Cristoph Fachler. It is believed that he may have been a son of Hans Jacob Fackler and wife Maria that stayed in Germany after they had come to America a few years earlier.

It is also believed that another son of Hans Jacob Fackler and Maria, Michael, was born in Pennsylvania after the family had emigrated as was a daughter Ana Catarena. Michael perhaps settled later in Maryland and started the southern branches of the Fackler family.

It is through conjecture only that Abraham Fackler was put as the father and that Adam, George and Wendel listed as brothers. It is through strong circumstantial evidence alone that this family view is made. Until more definitive proof is known, one can not be certain.

Children of Abraham Fackler are:

    + 2 i. Hans Adam2 Fackler, born in Palatinate region in Germany.

    + 3 ii. Hans George Fackler, born 08 Nov 1732 in Palatinate region in Germany; died 29 Nov 1809 in Progress, Daughin County, Pennsylvania.

    + 4 iii. Johann Wendel Fackler, born Abt. 1746 in Palatinate region in Germany; died Abt. 1823 in Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin, Pennsylvania.