Ninth Generation

163. Unknown9 Mundt (Max Heinrich8, Henning Gustav7, Jochim7, Claus6, Trin (Catharina)5 Horst, Trin (Catharina)4 Götsch, Hinrich3, Claus2, Claus1).

Unknown married Unknown Reed. Unknown is the daughter of Pearl Lionel Reed and Abbie Mae Erhart.

Unknown Mundt and Unknown Reed had the following children:

    + 185 i. Unknown10 Mundt.

    186 ii. Unknown Mundt. He married Unknown Yauchzee.

174. Wilma9 Schoening (Gustav8, Emma7 Goetsch, Eggert6 Götsch, Claus5, Hinrich4, Hinrich3, Claus2, Claus1) was born March 1, 1913. Wilma died July 27, 1994 at 81 years of age.

Wilma married Rudolph Menschel about 1924. Rudolph was born February 22, 1899. Rudolph died September 6, 1984 at 85 years of age.

Wilma Schoening and Rudolph Menschel had the following children:

    187 i. Marlin10 Menschel, was born about 1925.

    + 188 ii. Dwayne Paul Menschel, was born about 1927.

    + 189 iii. Betty Menschel, was born about 1930.

    190 iv. Bonnie Menschel, was born 1942. She married Delmar Decker about 1967. Delmar was born 1940.

    191 v. Kathy Menschel, was born about 1945. She married James Hathchers.