Fourth Generation

4. Nicholas4 Timperley I (John3, John2, Thomas1) was born Buxhall, England. Nicholas died May 20, 1489 Buxhall, England.

He married Anne Ive Hintlesham, England. Anne was born of Boyton Hall in Great Finbor. Anne was the daughter of John Ive and Alice Ive.

Nicholas Timperley I and Anne Ive had the following children:

    6 i. Nicholas5 Timperley II was born Hintlesham, England.

    7 ii. Thomas Timperley was born Hintlesham, England.

    8 iii. John Timperley was born Hintlesham, England.

    + 9 iv. William Timperley Esq. was born ca. l480.

5. John4 Timperley II (John3, John2, Thomas1) was born Hintlesham, England. John died December 18, 1491 Hintlesham, England.

He married twice. He married Margaret Chedworth Hintlesham, England. Margaret was born England. Margaret died 1494 Hintlesham, England. He married Alice Stamp Hintlesham, England. Alice was born England. Widow of John Kyng, citizen and grocer of London, will dated December 13, 1485 servant to Duke of Norfolk III 1461; feoffee for Walton Reigate, and other lands of the Duke of Norfolk IV, 1475.

John Timperley II and Margaret Chedworth had the following children:

    10 i. Roger5 Timperley was born Hintlesham, England.

    11 ii. Robert Timperley was born Hintlesham, England.

    + 12 iii. Sir John Timperley III was born ca. 1451.

    13 iv. William Timperley was born Hintlesham, England ca. 1463.