Fifth Generation

30. Hannah (Ann)5 Timperley (Isaac4, Francis3, John2, John1) was born December 22, 1832, and died 1870.

Hannah (Ann) married Thomas William Monks on April 30, 1864.

Hannah Timperley had the following child:

    37 i. Amy Amelia6 Timperley, was born 1863.

Hannah Timperley and Thomas Monks had the following children:

    38 ii. Mary Louisa Monks, was born December 27, 1865. Mary Louisa died October 13, 1867 at 1 year of age.

    39 iii. Annie Emily Monks, was born 1870.

John and Mary Ann Mitchell Timperley

32. John5 Timperley (John4, George3, John2, John1) was born Manchester, England March 22, 1821. John died January 23, 1891 Omaha, Nebraska, at 69 years of age. His body was interred January 1891 in Omaha, Nebraska Mt. Hope Cemetery.

He married Mary Ann Mitchell in Illinois on April 8, 1844. Mary was born in Yorkshire, England August 31, 1827. Mary was the daughter of Unknown Mitchell and Mary Greenwood. Mary died July 3, 1911 Omaha, Nebraska, at 83 years of age. Her body was interred July 1911 in Omaha, Nebraska Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Note:Timperley History as told by Richard Timperley, great great grandson of Edward Abbot Timperley.

Joseph Smith a member of the Latter Day Saints bought land in Navoo, Illinois from John Timperley, and that they, John and Mary Ann, were basically chased out of Utah by the "avenging angels", all the way to Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

(Note: Mormons indulged in the heretical doctrine of Blood Atonement which denies the Almighty efficacy of Jesus Christ's sacrificial death at Calvary. The "Death Society" - which carried out killings in the last century - was also known as "Daughters of Gideon," "Avenging Angels," "Destroying Angels," or, in Brigham Young's reign, as "Sons of Thunder," "Sons of Dan," or "Danites")

Another story from Richard, that once John Timperley ran into some Indians, and the Indians would often ask for a gift to let people pass, and John held out Sarah (jokingly?) as his gift, but the Indians didn't want her!!

Note: Research has shown that John and Mary Ann Timperley more than likely did not sell any land to Joseph Smith III. John and Mary Ann lived in Rocky Run Township, which is about 20 miles south of Nauvoo, Illinois, where the Joseph Smith III family lived. Land records show that John Timperley owned two properties in Rocky Run Township, the first was purchased in 1841 and the second in 1842. These properties were most likely purchased by John Timperley's father, John Timperley born in 1795, and remained in his possession until his death in 1854, a year after John and Mary Ann had left Illinois for Utah. A land records search needs to be completed on the above mentioned properties to establish ownership after 1854.

The following taken from a compilation of Timperley history by E.H. Timperley, Heavener, Oklahoma.

"John Timperley and Mary Ann Mitchell were born in England, came to the United States and were married in Illinois, Then they left their home and went to Utah to live on account of his health, They lived with the Mormons there for sometime. Then they traveled to Florence, Nebraska, in wagons wintering there, Then they preempted their home of 160 acres paying $1.50 an acre north of Irvington in Douglas County, where they spent the rest of their lives."

The following historical article was written by one of the real pioneers of this locality, Dr. Frank B. Hibbard of Irvington. His articles were compiled from data he has kept since he came here, and are reliable.

"In the spring of 1857, John Timperley and Charles Noyce, with their wives and children came back from Salt Lake and settled upon homesteads, where they lived until their death. These two families passed through great hardships.

Mr. Timperley came from England and remained in Illinois for a short while and in 1853 went to Salt Lake, before many had made settlement in Nebraska. Mr. Noyce came direct from England with a company of Mormons, getting acquainted with his wife, who was in the same company, while enroute to Salt Lake. They were married and after a short period in Salt Lake the acquaintance sprang up between the families of Timperley and Noyce and as both were dissatisfied with their conditions they made arrangements to leave.

Conditions were such at that time that it was very dangerous to those who were desirous of abandoning the Mormon church and all sorts of subterfuge had to be practiced to avoid trouble in returning. They were both in the rescue party that went out from Salt Lake to succor the "push cart train" that was caught in the snow storm before reaching Salt Lake and claim they found suckling babes wrapped and held by their mothers alive, although the mother was dead.

Mr. Timperley having some extra funds settled on the land and remained there until death. Both Mr. and Mrs. Timperley were possessed of characters that were full of courage to battle with frontier life. Mrs. Timperley acted in the capacity of midwife for this section, I will just relate one occurence, where she was a good collector for her husband. One bitter cold night she was called and asked to attend a case. Mr. Timperley went to the door and it proved to be from one who had been owing a debt to Mr. Timperley for a long while. When he asked for Mrs. Timperley’s acceptance Mr. Timperley said to the man: "We would be pleased to have that debt settled before giving further credit". It was an emergency case, and the debt was paid."

John Timperley and Mary Ann Mitchell had the following children:

John and Mary Ann Mitchell Timperley children ca. 1939
Back row: Walter, Frank & Edward
Front row: Mary, Phoebe & Sarah

    40 i. John6 Timperley, was born November 1, 1844 in Rockey Run Township, Illinois. John died November 1, 1844 in Rockey Run Township, Illinois at less than one year of age.

    + 41 ii. John Poole Timperley, was born September 12, 1845.

    42 iii. George Timperley, was born June 3, 1848 in Rockey Run Township, Illinois. George died April 8, 1864 in Omaha, Nebraska at 15 years of age. His body was interred April 1864 in Omaha, Nebraska Mt. Hope Cemetery.
    Note: George froze to death

    43 iv. William Timperley, was born July 24, 1850 in Rockey Run Township, Illinois. William died September 16, 1850 in Rockey Run Township, Illinois at less than one year of age.

    44 v. Sarah Timperley, was born July 16, 1851 in Iowa. Sarah died June 13, 1940 in Omaha, Nebraska at 88 years of age. Her body was interred June 15, 1940 in Omaha, Nebraska, Mt. Hope Cemetery. She married twice. She married Judson E. Shepherd in Nebraska ca. 1871. Judson was born in Vermont in 1833. Judson died April 28, 1909 in Irvington, Nebraska at 75 years of age. His body was interred May 1, 1909 in Omaha, Nebraska, Mt. Hope Cemetery. She married Eldridge Bolin in Nebraska, after 1909. Eldridge was born in 1851.

    + 45 vi. Mary Timperley, was born June 22, 1853.

    46 vii. Elizabeth Timperley, was born October 8, 1855 in Omaha, Nebraska. Elizabeth died October 15, 1855 in Omaha, Nebraska at less than one year of age.

    47 viii. Thomas Poole Timperley, was born September 18, 1856 in Utah. Thomas died February 21, 1898 in Omaha, Nebraska at 41 years of age. His body was interred February 1898 in Omaha, Nebraska Mt. Hope Cemetery.

    + 48 ix. Jane Plant Timperley, was born March 13, 1858.

    + 49 x. Alice Marion Timperley, was born May 9, 1862.

    + 50 xi. Albert Timperley, was born May 5, 1863.

    + 51 xii. Edward Abbott Timperley, was born June 9, 1865.

    + 52 xiii. Phoebe Emallen Timperley, was born June 20, 1867.

    + 53 xiv. Walter William Timperley, was born June 19, 1869.

    + 54 xv. Clarence Lee Timperley, was born October 27, 1871.

    + 55 xvi. Frank Hoen Timperley was born August 5, 1874.

35. Mary5 Timperley (John4, George3, John2, John1) was born Burnley, Lanchester, England October 26, 1830. Mary died June 5, 1851 in Warsaw, Hancock, Illinois at 20 years of age.

She married Foster Greenwood in Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois on March 6, 1846. Foster was born in Heptonstall,Yorkshire, England January 7, 1822. Foster was the son of William Greenwood Sr. and Sarah Utley. He married Mary Madeline Rosen in Utah on October 24, 1872. Foster died February 16, 1900 in Union, Utah, at 78 years of age.

She was christened in Smithy Door, England on August 14, 1831.

Mary Timperley and Foster Greenwood had the following children:

    + 56 i. Thomas6 Greenwood, was born November 28, 1846.

    57 ii. James Greenwood, was born July 26, 1849 in Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois. James died October 25, 1849 at less than one year of age.

    58 iii. Foster Greenwood, was born March 16, 1851 in Warsaw, Hancock County, Illinois. Foster died June 5, 1951 at less than one year of age.