Internet Browser Instructions for Windows 98, 2000 and XP

To add the German and Danish languages to your browser go to:

1) Start, Control Panel.

2) Double click on Internet Options Icon.

3) At bottom of window will be a tab named "Languages" click on it.

4) Click the "Add" button.

5) Scroll down until you see Danish (da), click on it then click "OK".

6) Repeat step (4 & 5) and add German (de).

7) Click "OK" to close window.

8) Click "OK" to exit Internet Options window.

9) Refresh the web page.

If you are still having problems, close the web page and delete your cookies and temporary internet files. To delete these files go back to the Internet Options Icon, when the window opens you will see "Delete Cookies" and "Delete files" buttons, click on them, close the window, then re-address the web page.