Villages of Korsør, and Svenstrupmark

Korsor City Sign
Korsør is a port city and the largest city in the vicinity, it is the city at which Claus would have arrived when he immigrated to Denmark sometime after 1835.

Korsor Harbor View 1870
This is photograph of the port in Korsør in 1870. It is in the maritime museum in Korsør, and is a good representation of how the port looked in 1853, when Claus and Bertha departed to Kiel and then on to America.

Village of Svendstrup
This is entrance to the village of Svendstrup. This is the village to which Claus Göttsch moved to from Gödersdorf, Holstein, sometime after 1835. Claus Göttsch resided just outside of Svendstrup in Svenstrupmark. Although Svenstrupmark does not exist today as an identifiable location, and the Danish word "mark" means "field," it appears that Claus and his family lived just outside the village proper. Today's Svendstrup consists of no more than 6-10 rather short residential streets.