Third Generation

4. Carl Nicholas3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born December 7, 1865 Krumwell, Duchy Holstein. Carl died June 6, 1946 Omaha, Nebraska at 80 years of age. His body was interred June 9, 1946 Elkhorn, Nebraska Prospect Hill Cemetery.

Carl Nicholas married Elizabeth Dornacker on March 10, 1892 in Bennington, Nebraska. Elizabeth was born January 21, 1872 Omaha, Nebraska. Elizabeth was the daughter of Nicholas Domacker and Henrietta Malcer Wallstrom. Elizabeth died March 19, 1942 in Omaha, Nebraska, at 70 years of age. Her body was interred March 22, 1942 Elkhorn, Nebraska Prospect Hill Cemetery.

Carl Nicholas Witt and Elizabeth Domacker had the following children:

    + 13 i. Henry Nikolas4 Witt, was born December 4, 1892.

    + 14 ii. Henrietta Christina Witt, was born March 10, 1894.

    + 15 iii. Mabel Eliza Witt, was born October 12, 1895.

    16 iv. Caroline Witt, was born in Nebraska February 3, 1898. Carolyn died June 19, 1974 Omaha, Nebraska at 76 years of age. Her body was interred June 1974 Elkhorn, Nebraska.

    + 17 v. Nancy Marie Witt, was born September 14. 1899.

    + 18 vi. Carl or Fred Fredrick Witt, was born November 1, 1902.

    + 19 vii. Theodore John Witt, was born July 5, 1906.

    + 20 viii. Leslie Witt, was born October 14. 1907.

    21 ix. Arthur Carrol Witt was born July 24, 1909 in Nebraska. Arthur died January 24, 1921 in Nebraska at 11 years of age. His body was interred January 1921 Elkhorn, Nebraska.

5. Elizabeth3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born January 9, 1867 in Duchy Holstein. Elizabeth died February 24, 1898 at 31 years of age.

Elizabeth married Dietrich Kirschner.

Elizabeth Witt and Dietrich Kirschner had the following children:

    22 i. Walter4 Kirschner.

    23 ii. Henrietta Kirschner, was born November 1889 in Nebraska.

6. Emma3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born February 2, 1868 in Duchy Holstein. Emma died December 11, 1930 at 62 years of age.

Emma married Henry Voltz.

Emma Witt and Henry Voltz had the following child:

    24 i. Henry4 Voltz Jr.

7. Lena3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born August 3, 1869 in Duchy Holstein. Lena died June 3, 1941 at 71 years of age.

Lena married John Berghoff.

Lena Witt and John Berghoff had the following children:

    25 i. Myrtle4 Berghoff.

    26 ii. Virginia Berghoff.

8. Otto Henry3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born July 22, 1874 in Holstein, Germany. Otto died August 10, 1945 in Albion, Nebraska, at 71 years of age. His body was interred August 1945 in Bennington, Nebraska German Cemetery.

Otto Henry married Dorothea "Theresa" Gottsch on March 11,1902 in Bennington, Nebraska. Dorothea was born September 5, 1876 in Fahren, Germany. Dorothea was the daughter of Friedrich Johannes Gottsch and Antje (Anna) Puck. Dorothea died February 25, 1971 in Norfolk, Nebraska, at 94 years of age. Her body was interred March 1, 1971 in Bennington, Nebraska German Cemetery.


"Dorothea Witt"

Mrs. Dorothea Witt, known as Therese was born September 5, 1876 at Fahren-Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. She passed away at the Lutheran Hospital in Norfolk, February 25th at the age of 94. Therese was the daughter of Frederick and Anna(sic) Gottsch. She came to the United States with her parents when whe was thirteen years old. They settled in Bennington, Nebraska in May 1890.

Therese was united in marriage to Otto H. Witt, March 11, 1902. They resided on a farm west of Bennington. The family moved to a farm near St. Edward in 1908, and later to Albion where Mr. Witt owned and operated a transfer business. Otto passed away in 1945.

Therese was a member of St. John's Lutheran Church of Norfolk. Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Ray (Laura) Schad of Wheatland, Wyo., Mrs. William (Hazel) Westmore of Lodi, Calif., Mrs. Harold (Blanche) Pinkerman of Anderson, Ind.; one son, Harry of Norfolk, Nebr.; seven grandchildren; 15 great grandchildren, other relativesand manyfriends.

Mororial services were held Monday, March 1st at two o'clock at St. John's Lutheran Church in Bennington. Pastor Norman Schreoder officiated. Mrs. Henry Kniep was organist and Mrs. Jerry Johnson sang "Rock of Ages" and "Jesus Lover of My Soul." Pallbearers were Glen Gottsch, Ben Gottsch, Fred Gottsch, Harlan Gottsch, Leslie Witt and Ted Witt. Burial was in the German Cemetery north of Bennington. The Howser Funeral Home of Norfolk was in charge of arrangements.

Otto H. Witt and Dorothea "Theresa" Gottsch had the following children:

    + 27 i. Laura Christina Anna4 Witt, was born November 14, 1904.

    + 28 ii. Hazel Elizabeth Witt, was born October 5, 1906.

    + 29 iii. Harry Julius Witt, was born May 17, 1910. .

    30 iv. Blanche Emma Witt, was born March 14, 1914 in St. Edward, Nebraska. She married Harold Pinkerman July 4, 1942 in Denver, Colorado.

9. Mary3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born May 11, 1876 in Holstein, Germany. Mary died December 11, 1959 at 83 years of age.

Mary married Albert F. Snyder. Albert was born 1867.

Mary Witt and Albert F. Snyder had the following child:

    31 i. Albert4 Snyder Jr.

11. Peter Gustav3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born March 5, 1882 in Holstein, Germany.

Peter Gustav Witt had the following child:

    32 i. Elmer4 Witt.

12. John Carl3 Witt (Henrick2, Claus1) was born November 6, 1885 in Douglas County Nebraska. John died February 17, 1932 in Douglas County Nebraska at 46 years of age.

John Carl married Bertha Elizabeth Hofferman. Bertha was born March 2, 1890. Bertha died March 25, 1985 at 95 years of age.

John Carl Witt and Bertha Elizabeth Hofferman had the following child:

    33 i. Wayne A.4 Witt, was born January 13, 1913. Wayne died October 22, 1995 Omaha, Nebraska at 82 years of age. He married Cecilia Shey. Cecilia was born June 20, 1899. Cecilia died April 10, 1991 Omaha, Nebraska at 91 years of age.