Fifth Generation

36. Eugene Royal5 Witt (Henry Nikolas4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born 1927 in Nebraska.

Eugene Royal married Josephine McGinn.

Eugene Royal Witt and Josephine Me Ginn had the following children:

    59 i. Douglas Eugene6 Witt.

    + 60 ii. Daniel Nicholas Witt.

    61 iii. Diane Marie Witt. She married Gary Taylor.

    62 iv. Karen Lee Witt. She married Unknown German.

    63 v. Marilyn Jean Witt. She married Scott Tampke.

    64 vi. Paul Joseph Witt.

37. Marilou5 Witt (Henry Nikolas4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born 1928 in Nebraska.

Marilou married John Clarence Kirkland. John was born August 6, 1928. John died April 5, 1990 Rochester, Minnesota at 61 years of age. His body was interred April 9, 1990 Omaha, Nebraska.

Marilou Witt and John Clarence Kirkland had the following children:

    65 i. Marijohn6 Kirkland.

    66 ii. Johnna Kirkland.

    67 iii. John Clarence Kirkland.

    68 iv. Victor John Kirkland.

    69 v. Charles St. John Kirkland.

    + 70 vi. Mary Louise Kirkland.

    71 vii. George Kirkland, was born August 30, 1959. George died September 2, 1959 at less than one year of age. His body was interred Omaha, Nebraska.

38. Yvonne Mabel5 Brown (Henrietta Christina4 Witt, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1).

Yvonne Mabel married Chester Linde Carlson. Chester was born September 12, 1917 Omaha,Nebraska. Chester died July 5, 1997 Omaha, Nebraska at 79 years of age.

Yvonne Mabel Brown and Chester Linde Carlson had the following children:

    + 72 i. Yvonne Louise6 Carlson.

    + 73 ii. Barbara Mae Carlson.

    74 iii. Conrad Linde Carlson, was born October 10, 1943 Omaha, Nebraska. Conrad died October 22,1995 in Blair, Nebraska at 52 years of age. His body was interred 1996 in Blair, Nebraska.

Note: Conrad moved to Canada in November 1968. He lived in the Yukon Territory and became a Canadian citizen. Conrad died at his cabin at Little Salmon Lake near Faro, Yukon Territory, Canada. The Haritage North General Home Mortuary in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, is where his body was taken. The cremation took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The remains were scattered near his cabin on Little Salmon Lake. A memorial service was held in Faro, Yukon Territory, Canada on October 29, 1995. Conrad's sister Barbara Carlson Johnson came from Yakota Air Force Base, Tokyo, Japan to attend the services. Part of his remains were sent to Omaha, Nebraska for later burial at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

74 iii. Dale Leonard Carlson, was born September 23, 1955 in Omaha, Nebraska. Dale died October 8, 2005 in Omaha, Nebraska at 50 years of age. Dale married Jodie Erskin.


CARLSON:-Dale Leonard, age 50, passed away 10/8/05. Born 9/23/55 in Omaha to Chester Linde Carlson and Yvonne "Bonnie" (Brown) Carlson. He lived a courageous life with Multiple Sclerosis for over 36 years.

As a member of Boy Scout Troop 75, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He graduated from Benson High and Metro Tech Community College. Dale worked at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Nebraska Psychiatric Institute. When he was no longer able to work due to his illness, he became a volunteer at NPI, volunteering thousands of hours.

Preceded in death by parents; brother, Conrad Linde Carlson. Survived by sisters and brothers-in-law, Yvonne and Don Wagner, Omaha, Barbara and David Johnson, O'Fallon, IL; nieces, Christina Bennett, Carrie Wagner and Sonja Johnson; nephews, Russ and Cliff Johnson, Dale, Deon, and Daryl Wagner; uncle and aunt, Dr. J. Donald and Alice (Carlson) Sjoding, Grand Marais, MN; aunt, Sylvia (Paulsen) Brown Cope, Zapata, TX; and many cousins. Dale was a resident of Quality Living Inc. for almost 7 years. The devoted staff and faithful residents of QLI were very much Dale's extended family. He will be fondly remembered as a caring, thoughtful soul and a blessing to all who were privileged to know him.

Memorial Service Sat., 10/15/05, 11 am St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 925 S. 84th Street, Omaha. Memorials to Quality Living Inc. or St. Andrew's Episcopal Church building fund. KORISKO LARKIN STASKIEWICZ FUNERAL HOME 5108 "F" St.

39. Roberta Elizabeth5 Brown (Henrietta Christina4 Witt, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born July 16, 1917 in Fremont, Nebraska. Roberta died October 2, 1989 Iowa at 72 years of age. Her body was interred October 5, 1989 Omaha, Nebraska.

Roberta Elizabeth married Edwin W. Post on November 8, 1939 in Omaha, Nebraska. Edwin was born April 7, 1908 Douglas County Nebraska. Edwin died January 21, 1994 Omaha, Nebraska at 85 years of age. His body was interred January 25, 1994 Omaha, Nebraska.

Roberta Elizabeth Brown and Edwin W. Post had the following children:

    + 76 i. William6 Post.

    77 ii. Donald Bernard Post, was born February 3, 1952 Omaha, Nebraska. Donald died June 13, 1952 Omaha, Nebraska at less than one year of age. His body was interred June 1952 Omaha, Nebraska.

40. Robert Earl5 Brown (Henrietta Christina4 Witt, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born July 15, 1918 Omaha, Nebraska. Robert died October 24, 1961 Omaha, Nebraska at 43 years of age. His body was interred October 26, 1961 Omaha, Nebraska.

Robert Earl married Loretta Stella Labedz on March 26, 1942. Loretta was born November 6, 1919. Loretta died August 10, 1993 Omaha, Nebraska at 73 years of age. Her body was interred August 12, 1993 Omaha, Nebraska.

Robert Earl Brown and Loretta Stella Labedz had the following children:

    78 i. Sharon Ann6 Brown.

    + 79 ii. Kay Loraine Brown.

41. Wesley Paul5 Brown (Henrietta Christina4 Witt, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born October 5, 1921 Omaha, Nebraska. Wesley died November 7, 1997 Blair, Nebraska at 76 years of age. His body was interred November 10, 1997 Omaha, Nebraska.

Wesley Paul married Sylvia Paulsen on February 19, 1944.

Wesley Paul Brown and Sylvia Paulsen had the following children:

    80 i. Kenneth Todd6 Brown. He married Marylou Carlson.

    + 81 ii. James Paul Brown, was born September 28, 1946.

    + 82 iii. Ronald Earl Brown, was born March 15, 1948.

42. Carroll Arthur5 Brown (Henrietta Christina4 Witt, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born January 24, 1925 Omaha, Nebraska. Carroll died March 21, 1999 Omaha, Nebraska at 74 years of age. His body was interred March 23, 1999 Omaha, Nebraska.

Carroll Arthur married Evelyn A Buchanan on May 27, 1948. Evelyn was born May 14, 1923. Evelyn died March 31 1993 Omaha, Nebraska at 69 years of age. Her body was interred April 3, 1993 Omaha, Nebraska.

Carroll Arthur Brown and Evelyn A Buchanan had the following child:

    + 83 i. Dennis Earl6 Brown.

43. Geraldine5 Leu (Mabel Eliza4 Witt, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born September 25, 1927. Geraldine died December 4, 1986 Omaha, Nebraska at 59 years of age. Her body was interred December 6, 1986 Omaha, Nebraska Evergreen Cemetery.

Geraldine married Kenneth C. Borcher.

Geraldine Leu and Kenneth C. Borcher had the following children:

    84 i. Kevin Carl6 Borcher. He married Jill Marie Di Raise.

    85 ii. Mark Alan Borcher.

45. Audrey June5 Dahmke (Nancy Marie4 Witt, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1).

Audrey June married Harold C. Hansen.

Audrey June Dahmke and Harold C. Hansen had the following children:

    86 i. Juliane6 Hansen. She married David Lynn Jones.

    87 ii. Nancy Jill Hansen.

    88 iii. Amy Lynne Hansen.

46. Dickie Richardo5 Witt (Carl or Fred Fredrick4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born August 9, 1931. Dickie died February 23, 1988 at 56 years of age.

Dickie married Myrna Janet Belzer.

Ricardo Witt and Myrna Janet Belzer had the following child:

    89 i. Michael6 Richardo Witt.

47. Denny5 Witt (Theodore John4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1).

Denny married Marian Ruff.

Denny Witt and Marian Ruff had the following children:

    + 90 i. Katherine Ann6 Witt.

    + 91 ii. John James Witt.

    + 92 iii. Sally Ann Witt, was born January 30, 1963.

48. Ricky Arthur5 Witt (Leslie4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1).

Ricky Arthur married Marie Christiansen.

Ricky Arthur Witt and Marie Christiansen had the following children:

    93 i. Theresa Marie6 Witt. She married Jeff Kreifels.

    94 ii. Timothy Allan Witt.

    95 iii. Chad Eric Witt. Chad married Heather Lee.

49. Terry Leslie5 Witt (Leslie4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

Terry Leslie married Lorna Jean Custard in Omaha, Nebraska.

Terry Leslie Witt and Lorna Jean Custard had the following children:

    + 96 i. Cheryl Ann6 Witt.

    + 97 ii. Jennifer Elaine Witt.

    98 iii. Brian Terry Witt.

50. Jackie Doyle5 Witt (Leslie4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

Jackie Doyle married twice. He married Deana Buckner in Omaha, Nebraska. He then married Karen Brown in Omaha, Nebraska.

Jack Doyle Witt and Deana Buckner had the following child:

    99 i. James Micheal6 Witt.

Jack Doyle Witt and Karen Brown had the following children:

    100 ii. Brandon John Witt, was born January 8, 1978 in Omaha, Nebraska.

    101 iii. Andrew Jay Witt, was born November 2, 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska.

    102 iv. Leah Kristin Witt, was born September 8, 1981 in Omaha, Nebraska. She married Brian Dennis Zimmerman.

    103 v. Ashley Nicole Witt, was born May 1, 1984 in Omaha, Nebraska. She married Raymond Gregory Sturgeon.

51. Gary Ronald5 Witt (Leslie4, Carl Nicholas3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born in Omaha, Nebraska.

Gary Ronald married Cheri Nolan in Omaha, Nebraska.

Gary Ronald Witt and Cheri Nolan had the following children:

    104 i. Stacie Ann6 Witt.

    105 ii. Gregory Mathew Witt.

55. William Robert5 Westmore (Hazel Elizabeth4 Witt, Otto Henry3, Henrick2, Claus1) birth date unknown.

William Robert married Lorene Womble.

William Robert Westmore and Lorene Womble had the following children:

    106 i. Craig6 Westmore.

    107 ii. Curt Westmore.

56. Mary Luree5 Westmore (Hazel Elizabeth4 Witt, Otto Henry3, Henrick2, Claus1) birth date unknown.

Mary Luree married Doug Lind.

Mary Luree Westmore and Doug Lind had the following children:

    108 i. Ron6 Lind.

    109 ii. Sandi Lind.

57. Janelle Rose5 Witt (Harry Julius4, Otto Henry3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born December 12, 1934 in Albion, Nebraska. Janelle died November 27, 1986 in Colorado at 51 years of age.

Janelle Rose married Klaus N. Pollak on July 20, 1963 in Denver, Colorado. Klaus was born February 12, 1928 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Klaus is the son of Wallher Pollak and Helene Nohel.

Janelle Rose Witt and Klaus N. Pollak had the following children:

    + 110 i. Renee Helene6 Pollak, was born May 3, 1964.

    111 ii. Stephenie Marie Pollak, was born April 14, 1967 in Arvada, Colorado.

58. Max Otto5 Witt (Harry Julius4, Otto Henry3, Henrick2, Claus1) was born August 15, 1937 in Albion, Nebraska. Max died October 27, 1990 in Littleton, Colorado at 53 years of age.

Max Otto married Sharon Cleora Schreiner. Sharon was born July 30, 1937 in Norfolk, Nebraska. Sharon is the daughter of Ora Schreiner and Cleo Sprague.

Obituary October 27, 1990

Ex-Norfolkan dies at age 52, Services are pending for Max Witt of Littleton, Colo., who died Saturday of a massive heart attack. Witt was participating in a bike ride with Kiwanians from Littleton to Denver when he was stricken. Witt, 52 was a graduate of Norfolk High School.

Rites planned in Colorado for Max Witt 53. Nov. 1, 1990 Service will be conducted Thursday at the United Methodist Church in Littleton, Colo., for a former Norfolkan, Max Witt, 53. He died of a heart attack Oct. 27 while on a Littleton Denver bicycle ride with the Littleton Kiwanis Club. Witt, who was president of Century Graphics Printing Company in Littleton, was a 1955 graduate of Norfolk High School and attended the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. He was president of the Littleton Kiwanis Club. He was in Norfolk over the Labor Day weekend to attend his high school class reunion. His wife is the former Sharon Schreiner, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Ora Schreiner of Perry Park, Colo., formerly of Norfolk. Besides his wife, he is survived by five children, Doug, Tim, Heidi, Brad, and Max II, all of Littleton, Colo,; three granddaughters; and his parents, Harry and Carolyn Witt of Randolph, formerly of Norfolk. He was preceded in death by one sister, Janelle.

Max Otto Witt and Sharon Cleora Schreiner had the following children:

    + 112 i. Douglas Scott6 Witt, was born March 9, 1959.

    113 ii. Timothy Max Witt, was born February 28, 1961 in Englewood, Colorado.

    114 iii. Heidi Sharon Witt, was born January 20, 1962.

    115 iv. Bradley Ora Witt, was born October 13, 1969.

    116 v. Max Otto Witt Jr., was born August 23, 1970.